Micro habits - how to make big lifestyle changes in teeny tiny steps

Micro habits - how to make big lifestyle changes in teeny tiny steps

Making big changes to your daily routine is not easy. No matter how motivated you are to start running, go to bed on time or eat more healthily, it can be daunting to actually take on such a change and repeat it long enough that it sticks. Micro habits can be a way to take on bigger lifestyle changes in more manageable chunks.

What is a micro habit?

A micro habit is just that: a teeny tiny habit. So small, it doesn’t feel like a big deal to do, so quick, there’s no excuse not to just get it done. Some micro habits are significant on their own, like taking a health-boosting food supplement every day, while others, like meditating for just one minute, or reading just one page of a book every evening, are a great way to establish a habit that you can expand and build on.

How do I pick the right micro habit to start with?

One way to find a micro habit to start with is to take a bigger goal you are working towards, and break it down into the tiniest possible pieces. Want to run a marathon? A good micro habit might be to jog for ten minutes a day. Trying to start a daily meditation practice? Start by taking a few deep breaths for just one minute every day. Want to get back in the habit of reading every night? Commit to reading just one page every evening.

The trick is to find a habit that is so small and so quick to complete, that any excuse not to do it would seem ridiculous. 

I’ve picked my habit, now how do I start?

A teeny tiny habit is pretty easy to forget, so you need to find a cue that will remind you to do the thing you want to do. If your micro habit is drinking a glass of water to start your day, set out the glass the night before in a spot where you won’t miss it in the morning. Put your jar of probiotics tablets beside the coffee machine where you can’t miss it. Set a reminder on your phone to get up and stretch every hour. 

Now celebrate your success!

Even if your little habit doesn’t feel like a big change to your life, it’s important to celebrate your success and reward yourself for completing your habit every time you do it. Sing a celebratory song, do a little dance, or pat yourself on the back. This practice actually re-wires your brain in a sense, as you’ll automatically seek to continue the behaviour that is earning you so much positive feedback.

Small habits lead to big rewards

The success of making a small positive change to your life can lead to successfully making bigger changes. And small changes in several areas all piled on top of eachother can actually result in a whole new lifestyle. So pick a micro habit and get started today!


 20 Micro habits to adopt today

  1. Drink a glass of water every morning
  2. Read a page of a book every evening
  3. Meditate for one minute a day
  4. Take a probiotic food supplement every day
  5. Get up and stretch once an hour while working
  6. Go for a daily walk around the block on your lunch break
  7. Call someone for a chat on your way home every evening
  8. Write 5 sentences every day
  9. Add a vegetable to every meal
  10. Take a deep breath every time you hit a stop light
  11. Take the stairs instead of the lift
  12. Replace white bread with whole grain
  13. Keep a small bag of nuts in your bag to stave off hunger and add protein
  14. Take a pause before answering a question
  15. Smile before answering the phone
  16. Sum up your day - with all it’s wins and learnings - before leaving work in the evening
  17. Make your bed every morning
  18. Keep a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you’re grateful for every evening
  19. Switch from coffee to herbal tea after 4pm
  20. Make a to-do list in the morning setting out the 3-5 most important tasks for the day
Why are we at BioGaia so into micro habits? Well, 30 years of research has shown us the immense difference that even the teeniest healthy habits can make. Like taking a daily probiotic supplement. It’s a small thing you can start doing today to make a big difference to your overall health.

We recommend removing any friction that might keep you from keeping your habit by subscribing to your favourite BioGaia probiotics today. That way you’ll never have to worry about running out, your products will be delivered automatically (and free!) and you even get a great discount! Then keep your tablets somewhere that makes it easy to remember to take them - like beside the coffee machine or together with your car keys. Micro habit done!


Tip! Why not introduce a positive new micro-habit right now by subscribing to your favourite probiotic products and get them delivered to your door every 30, 60 or 90 days?

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