Gut Health

Unlocking the secrets of a thriving gut

Why is gut health important?

Gut health refers to the overall health of your entire digestive system (think mouth to bottom) and how well it functions.

Gut health centres around your microbiome, a collective ecosystem of 38 trillion microbes! These microbes comprise of bacteria, yeast and viruses, unique to just you.

These microscopic friends, particularly the good bacteria, play a vital role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and your immune system function.

Why a healthy microbiome matters

Our gut microbes are tiny powerhouses. They break down food, defend against invaders, and produce B vitamins for energy while maximising nutrient absorption.

With around 80% of your immune system located in the gut, a healthy microbiome supports robust immunity.

The more diverse and balanced your gut microbiome is, the better.

Gut health and probiotics

Probiotics are like the superheroes of your gut, they are the good bacteria that can help keep things running smoothly.

Probiotic supplements containing specific probiotic strains (live bacteria) may support gut bacteria diversity by promoting the growth and balance of good bacteria. This promotes a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, giving your gut the love it deserves.

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