Understanding probiotics: What are they and how do they work?

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What are probiotics?

What you need to know about beneficial bacteria.

The basics of gut health

How the state of our gut microbiota affects our overall health

Health areas

Gut Health

Our gut microbes are tiny powerhouses. Unlock the secrets of a thriving gut.

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Oral Health

A balanced oral microbiota may reduce the risk of oral health issues.

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Gut Health for Children

The microbiota in early life are a key regulator of infant health.

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Pioneer in microbiome research

Meet our probiotic experts

We have been a pioneer in microbiome research for over 30 years. BioGaia’s products, based on L. reuteri bacterial strains, are among the most scientifically validated globally.

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Kvinna borstar tänderna med handduk på huvudet

Beyond gut health? The surprise impact of probiotics on your gorgeous smile

From gut to grin! Let’s enter the world of oral probiotics, your new allies for oral health. Here’s three proven ways oral probiotics can help...

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